useful chamber

also i hung out with my best friend and her girlfriend this weekend and TWO SEPARATE PEOPLE ASKED ME “who is the man in their relationship?” after i told them what i did over the weekend.

wait really people are still ASKING SHIT LIKE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????? REALLY!!!!!!!!!!

tumblr is always so refreshing to come back to at the end of a drunken white boy filled day. let’s see, how many white boys were there? umm, looking back i guess there were only about 5 or 6, but whenever there is one straight white boy’s thoughts and body, it feels like he is 5 straight white boy’s thoughts and body. these white boys were invited over by my roommate. the only straight white boy i want, my boyfriend, was at work. so basically my house is filled with these people that i don’t really want to see. 

it’s frustrating and exhausting, and today was a good day. i really need to move out. i need to find a job. i cannot take this any longer. my boyfriend and i got onto our roommate about taking our food and shit this week. he takes everything without asking. i told him i don’t mind sharing food but please, just ask before you do it. today he takes my pepper and tomato sauce without asking!!!! i think he thinks that telling me AFTER he has used it, that that is asking. i’m seriously so done. he constantly talks to me about the food that i have. “you have had these brussel sprouts in the fridge for a while” “your mango is going bad” “you have salmon in the freezer”. YES I FUCKING KNOW DUDE! STOP LOOKING AT MY FOOD!! STOP OPENING MY DRAWER IN THE FRIDGE!! YOU SHOULDN’T BE EATING OR LOOKING IN THERE AT ALL! jesus we even found out that he has been using my shampoo and conditioner. he literally thought it was an “open fridge policy”. are you kidding me?! my friend joked and was saying we should take his weed and if he says anything say “oh i thought this was an open bag policy” lol. i mean it is out of hand! when we approached the situation he literally said “i’m not going to ask you if i can have your food because it takes too long. i don’t need to ask you for a piece of bread every time i take a slice”

anyway i wasn’t trying to even talk about that. they are just so annoying you guys! but apparently they have come up with this new term, sea donkey? or something, which is supposed to represent a fat girl or something. and they were talking about how you cannot let anyone know that “you’re fucking seadonkeys”, like going on about this story of finding a seadonkey girl at the bar when you’re drunk, “because you’re so drunk it doesn’t matter what they look like anyway”, and then you take her home and fuck her, and then have nothing to do with her the next day and do NOT get her number. you don’t take her out to eat or on a date because she is too fat and too ugly. or whatever, you get the gist. just utterly disgusting and depressing. making feel all upset and sick again thinking about it. omg i feel sick. what gets me is that none of these boys are attractive. jesus christ they are not attractive. they are not smart. they all live at home except my roommate. (not saying that you have to be these things to be worth considering a human, as they treat women, BUT HOW DO THEY EVEN THINK ITS APPROPRIATE TO SAY THESE THINGS WHEN THEY DON’T HAVE EXACTLY WHAT THEY EXPECT IN OTHER WOMEN!)they are USELESS!!!! THEY ARE DISGUSTING!!!! THEY ARE FOUL!!!!! THEY ARE NOT WORTH ANYONE!!! THEY DON’T DESERVE ANYONE!!!!! YOU GUYS IT DISGUSTS ME!!!!!!!!!! YOU GUYS!!!!! i can’t take it anymore. are these men happy? are they happy with themselves? do they go on with their lives with confidence and happiness? or are they secretly miserable. because i really hope so.

ugh this is not me! i don’t wish things like that on anyone. but like at the same time, right now i’ve been having those thoughts for sure. 

i sprained my ankle so i haven’t been able to go for a run or do yoga or anything. and i’ve just had more cabin fever than ever. and i still don’t have a job and all i see are these disgusting 26 year olds saying disgusting things. i’m seriously going crazy. no matter how much i bitch or complain though the problems still persist. am i going to just keep job searching and hope i can move out? or like really need to sit my roommate down and say you can only have these people over one night a week? like i try to tell them “you people need to respect me and women when you’re in here, this is my house too”. but it’s a losing battle and my boyfriend is usually at work when most of this is happening. if i was uncomfortable with them saying certain things when he was there he would cut it off immediately. he doesn’t want these people over either. he does when the time is right, but it’s usually not the right time because he has just come home from work or has to go to work early the next day and he doesn’t want these annoying ass drunk white boys around him at all. 

Calling All Virginians: submit your comment by July 31st, keep abortion accessible in our state. →


Public comment is open once more on 12 VAC 5-412, Regulations for the Licensure of Abortion Facilities, some TRAP rules passed last year. Under pressure from feminists and abortion rights advocates, Governor McAuliffe ordered the Board of Health to revisit the ruling, and as a consequence, the public comment period is open again. 

TRAP (Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers) is a conservative legislative tactic to destroy access to abortion without challenging Roe vs. Wade, by imposing medically irrelevant but extremely costly architectural standards on abortion clinics (but no other type of facility). In Virginia, the rules are set to eventually shut down almost all (18 of 22) clinics which provide abortions. 

Click this link, then click the “Enter a Comment” link to submit your comment encouraging the Board of Health to rescind these onerous regulations. The Board originally passed them after being threatened by former Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli- but he’s out, largely because we got him out. Tell them we’re behind them now. Abortion must remain accessible.

For more information on TRAP, here’s an explanation. I’m available to answer any questions or refer you to more information.